One World Times would like to offer the following corrections to yesterday’s edition.

  • p. 2 Mrs. Elizabeth Grayson Bottleweather did not wear an eggshell gown, but a muted eggshell gown at her wedding Sunday evening near two weeks past.  Previous corrections to the original article regarding this event can be found in the morning editions of this paper from the 14th, 17th, 18th, 20th and 21st of this month.
  • p.4 It was not a semi-tractor trailer that ran over Mr. Garner’s dog, but an ordinary tractor.
  • p.8 The United Nations has passed a law banning parakeets, not parachutes in all households.
  • p.8  Whoops, we did it again.  Parachutes are illegal too.  As are parkas, pinatas, pinwheels, and pogo sticks.  Pakistan has been renamed, as has Peru, Paraguay, and Panama.  To what we are not sure though we hope to have those corrections available tomorrow.
  • p.2 again: The editors are wondering if the eggshells were from cage free chickens.  Anyone who can intelligently answer this question is entitled to a half-off coupon to Bojangles

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