Top Google Trends

  1. Jersey Shore cancelled
  2. Charlie Sheen actually IS a bitchin’ rock star from Mars
  3. Salinity poisoning
  4. what nerves do you want to anesthetize
  5. IFOs
  6. what do skreekagogs eat
  7. what do skreekagogs not eat
  8. how can you tell if a skreekagog is eating your leg
  9. palin is watching
  10. no one cares
  11. the end is not nigh, it has passed and we all have come out relatively unscathed.
  12. okay, not all of us
  13. the quick brown fox is dancing over the Latvian dog.
  14. is it true that le resistance is passing messages through common google searches
  15. no
  16. try yahoo

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