Little Jenny (who still insists she is not little, but it’s a sore subject and she’s Southern so we’ll drop it for now but continue to refer to it in a passive-aggressive manner) would like to clarify that her skreekagog is not missing.  That her skreekagog’s name is not Admiral Fluffybutt.  And that her skreekagog did not eat Admiral Fluffybutt.  It is completely coincidental that two Jennys both with skreekagogs happen to live in the same human housing complex and that Little Jenny’s skreekagog likes to eat things that are the same size or bigger than him. 

Little Jenny and her skreekagog are at school and have been this whole time.  Since yesterday.  Little Jenny can vouch for her skreekagog’s excellent moral character. 

You can’t prove anything.

P.S. Little Jenny’s skreekagog would like it to be known that Admiral Fluffybutt was the clumsy sort and probably got accidentally eaten by a woodchipper.  A voracious and strangely attractive woodchipper.


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