Anti-Alien Bill

By wire report

The semi-Free States of Colorado passed a bill today banning “illegal aliens”.  A spokesman for the state legislature stated that illegal aliens are “a threat to our security, our livelihood, and our national culture.”

The bill, which passed by a 37 to 2 vote, declares that all illegal aliens currently living in the state of Colorado will be detained indefinitely until such time as they can be deported.  It charges the state’s police force and national guard to enforce the bill.

Critics of the bill point out that the language is ambiguous as to the term “alien”.

“Do they mean like, Mexicans?  Or like, the big squid things?” local farmer Ted Barron questioned.

This is not the first anti-alien bill the Colorado state legislature has passed.  In the weeks following the invasion Colorado passed many measures aimed at curbing the influence of our new, benevolent neighbors.  Though many were later struck down by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, the hardy legislators keep on trying.



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