Elevator Pitches for Fall Sitcoms, featuring Aliens

The Scene: A swanky Hollywood office with a view of the ocean.

–Can you see the ocean from Hollywood?

I don’t know

–Because we strongly believe in realism

Is that so?

–About stuff we know about

Which is?

–Shut up.

Anyway, so it’s a Hollywood office, there are 3 aliens

–Why 3?

Because 3 is the answer to everything now shut up!


So the aliens are roommates…

–Is this Lovecraft meets Three’s Company?


–Are you sure?  Cause I don’t know how Cthulhu would keep track of things like rent collection and basic household maintenance.

Fine, you don’t like it, lets try the next.  The scene: a lawyer’s office–

–You have a thing for offices, it seems.

And there are doctors next door.  And they’re all–


…The scene: vast reaches of space.  A vast federation of explorers–

–Who are roommates?

Werewolves!  That live in the forest!

–All together in a pack?


How about we just do “Jersey Shore: Alpha Centauri”

–Isn’t Alpha Centauri completely and totally inhospitable to human life even if that life has been completely and utterly irradiated by tiny cancer boxes?




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