Goodnight Skreekagog

by Jenny

Goodnight grouse,
Goodnight house,
Goodnight skeleton of a long dead mouse.

Goodnight Teeth
it is time to sleep.
to lick your paws,
to sheathe your claws.
to put down the Vicar
and return his cigars.

I’ll brush your hair,
it is only fair,
for the aliens you’ve kept
from here and there.

Dream of conquest
and far off wars
dream of sleeping
in bone lined drawers.

You’ve grown so big
since I’ve seen you last.
I do believe
you’ve quintupled in mass.

Have you been eating
a dozen wild hogs?
The lost zoo penguins?
Trucks of logs?

Do I need to remind you
of your solemn vow—
oh don’t look at me like that
yes I very well will scowl.

You’ve dined on trains,
on alien hordes,
You would scarcely fit
between opposing fjords.

So goodnight skreekagog,
wherever you sleep,
sweet dreams to those crushed beneath pittering pattering feet.


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