Recommended Poetry Fridays

I have this little thing called a bar exam to study for–plus my cousin’s wedding (to which I may bring Torts flash cards to read surreptitiously during the benediction) and so rather than doing a full review, I’m just going to recommend some poems.

The Curator Speaks in the Department of Dead Languages by Megan Arkenberg

Learning to Locate Colors in Grey: Kiran Talks About Her Brothers by Nandini Dhar – I actually twitter reviewed this poem about a week and a half ago–but so what. My blog, I can repeat myself if I want to.  Stop looking at me!

Found Dadaist Spam Poem by Eileen Rush – Found poems are hard.  This wasn’t published by a magazine, just posted on the author’s blog.  I still think she ought to reassert control over the poem somewhere in the middle and turn it into a real story, but for anyone who loves spam bot messages, this is still a lot of fun.

Scavenger Hunt: Find poems about elephants.  They abound.  Plus it’ll be good background reading in advance of next week’s posts.

Also, please post your own poetry recommendations (speculative and non, elephantine and non) in the comments!


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