Signs of the Apocalypse Witnessed at DragonCon

1. Guerilla medical and legal diagnosis of writers did not occur. Not because it would have inspired me to personally accost Laurell K Hamilton, but–no, never mind. It’s the Hamilton thing.

2. Autocorrect just tried to make “It’s the Hamilton thing” into ” the Hamilton thong.”

3. You are now thinking of Laurell K Hamilton, and possibly other NYT Bestselling authors in scanty underthings.

4. I learned Neil Gaiman has a beard now. He should not have a beard. But maybe he could have a thong instead.

5. My doctor friend says I should tag this post “Neil Gaiman thong” and my hits will soar. I fear Neil will find this blog and will refuse to ever be my friend. Love me Neil! Love me!

6. Snape in a kilt chasing little girl wearing a pink tutu while fencing with balloons.

7. Autocorrect changed “Snape” to “Snaps.” IS NOTHING SACRED?!

8. Guys in drag dressed as ALL the Disney Princesses.

9. Actually, that’s awesome.

10. Man cosplaying a tv.

11. Dogs and cats are living together!

12. No giant Jabba the Hut statue. Not as many slave Leias. When civilization starts to return, you know you’re screwed.

13. Ronald McDonald Joker

14. Man with a sign identifying himself as the “Fox executive who cancelled Firefly” AND HE WAS NOT WOUNDED

15. William Shatner had two standup masturbation sessions (I still love you, Bill)

16. Metro Diner Cafe karaoke volume

17. Man corsets (actually sign of 19th century and awesome back support)

18. LED suit man with portable stripper pole. It’s like a Roomba but creepier.

19. Firefly: still cancelled.

Please add your own!


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