Terra Nova: For How Much Longer Can Anger Sustain Me

I know I haven’t posted in a while–I’m going to blame Terra Nova.

Terra Nova continues to be one of the worst, most unwatchable shows on TV.  For a while it was funny–haha, these people have bad lines and they have to say them.  But I’m prepared to break up now.  For good.

Episode 4 (or Episode 5 if you count the pilot as 2) starts with a little girl in the woods.  She’s run away from the 6ers.  She’s afraid of hot water and doesn’t know what a night light is because apparently the 6ers must live in a cave on piles of human bones or something.  Anyway, they’re trying to rip off the scenes from Aliens between Ripley and Newt only Doctor Wife is not Sigourney Weaver and Bed Head, despite being blonde and not a *terrible* actor per se, is not Newt.  Her only line of interest is her calling Taylor ‘the bad man.’

So Not Newt moves in with Doctor Wife and Police Husband and Barely Individualized Children and two of Taylor’s men are sent out into the jungle to look for Not Newt’s bag which she dropped.

Sixers attack them and Mira asks Soldier what they’ve done with Not Newt implying through tone of voice that it must be something bad.  She also accuses Soldier of doing Taylor’s ‘dirty work’, you know, killing little girls and then getting rid of the evidence or something?

And this is where you’ve lost me, Terra Nova.  Right here, right now.

Taylor is not evil.  In fact he’s pretty much the opposite of evil. He has been nothing but fair and magnanimous and has shown nothing but the utmost willingness to save the lives of the colonists and his men even when it puts him in INSANE amounts of danger.  He’s not bad in any way, shape or form of the word bad.  If you continue to try to imply that the Sixers think he’s bad for any reason OTHER than they want control because THEY are selfish greedy assholes then you are the biggest morons on the face of the earth.

Seriously.  Your show is terrible, and that’s fine.  But when you throw in completely brain dead on top of it, I just can’t watch anymore.

And I sometimes watch Vampire Diaries so there’s a standard you should be humiliated and embarrassed to be unable to meet.

UPDATE: Terra Nova, you also need to stop with the racism.  Why is it necessary to put Mira in warpaint with feathers in her hair?  Is it to emphasize that she’s ‘other’ and ‘tribal’ and irrational and moronic?  Ugh.

SECOND UPDATE: So the whole reason Mira has started this completely unnecessary conflict is because Taylor “pissed off some very powerful people” in 2149 and “they want him gone.”


May you all die of a thousand paper cuts doused in lemon juice.



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