Recent Signs of the Apocalypse

1. After Ever After has been cited as a source for Wikipedia (scroll down to “Laura Adams”)

When I taught Freshman Comp, I encouraged my students to use Wikipedia in their research.  They were not allowed to cite Wikipedia, as I find citing any Encyclopedia a sign of a lack of proper researching ability, but I have always believed that it’s an excellent starting place.  I know in Con Law some students were aware of other students tendency to read the Wikipedia page on a case rather than actually read the case, so they would alter the Wikipedia page during class: reverse the holding, change the facts, etc. So to me Wikipedia is kindof like a drunk Uncle: sometimes right, sometimes wrong, always entertaining but you shouldn’t entrust your tax return to him.  Or something.

2. I’ve completely slacked off on Speculative Poetry Fridays, and Regular Posting in general

Any day without poetry is a sign of its own apocalypse. Any day a canon post should go up and doesn’t, is mostly a sign of my own incompetence.

Addendum: I started this post on Monday.  But I was writing it on my iPad within the web browser (as opposed to the app) and it kept flipping out on me) so I can’t even win when I’m not winning.  #CharlieSheen

Addendum 2: I kindof have a technology crush on hashtags.  I never understood them until I started twittering, and now my heart goes all a flutter whenever I get to use them.  #InappropriateRecyclingOfSemiUsefulInternetInnovations #IDon’tKnowWhyI’mUsingTheseSinceTheyWon’tBeSearchable #FuckPostTags

3.  In case you were curious, if you’re 35 and want your corporation to establish a retirement plan for you, go for Defined Contribution.

That’s not really indicative of the apocalypse, so pretend that you’re contributing bicycle parts.  Bicycles are going to be huge in the apocalypse.

4.  The Nominating for Nebulas and Hugos and Lots of Other Stuff is upon us.  Since I’m semi-anonymous, you are saved from me pimping my own work.  Also, since I’m not a member of SFWA, I can’t actually nominate anything.  But I was thinking of maybe linking/reviewing things which I think are worthy of consideration.

#It’sNotPimpageWhenIt’sNotYou #OhWait,YesItIs #InFactThat’sKindofWhatBeingAPimpIs

5. Continued: Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh

I was supposed to review this ages ago but life intervened.  I even have part of an interview done with the author.  It’s a really, really good book.  Maybe after I take my first exam and realize I want to give up Tax to go be a circus performer, I’ll sneak in the full review before my last rent check runs out.

6. The Forever Lazy



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