Slush Update

As of this moment we have responded to everything in our Inbox.  If you are still waiting on a submission, please query.


Coming Back February 1

Just in time for Groundhog’s Day!

Groundhog is a surprisingly difficult word to spell when you’re not expecting it…

Anyway, I know it’s been ages and ages, and I still haven’t managed to clear out the slush accumulating in the After Ever After inbox.  Rest assured I have not forgotten you, I just am constantly surprised not to wake up in a zombie infested world.  In related news, I brought my compound bow home with me–I plan on setting up an archery range in the basement.  Dale has convinced me that shooting arrows in the undead’s eye sockets is the way to go.

I also have news.  Huge news.  Unbelievable news.  But I can’t share because this blog is semi-anonymous and the news has to do with me, my real name, and a certain publication which just bought a story of mine.  So if in the next month you read a story online in a prestigious magazine which you absolutely adore, it’s probably… Ken Liu’s.

The one standing 10 feet behind his in an ugly dress while picking at its nails is probably my story’s more socially well adjusted cousin.

I think that metaphor ran away from me a little bit.

Anyway, back in February.  Meanwhile, go watch Zurvived.


Back in–well, the city I have to be in in order to get any substantive work done on the blog.  Christmas is over, apparently and so too endeth my vacation.  Slush responses have been stalled since December 19.  Expect a flurry of activity this week as I attempt to get everything cleaned up and out and over and yon.

Oh and at some point I suppose I should write a post about someone doing something vaguely resembling an apocalypse.