Yes I am the Last Person in the World to Have Seen This

I am not a classic comics person.  I love the idea of them, and I love the Flight anthologies, webcomics, etc… but I never was one to read Superman or Archie or X-Men or any of the others.

One of the things that always put me off was the retconning they liked to do.  I’m not going to start a story only to find out years later that it was all a dream or other bs.  I imagined all Comics Publishers had a giant red button near their printers called ‘Reset’ which they hit any time they exhausted one story line and wanted to go back to an earlier thread.  They were like soap operas… no one ever “really” died.  You may have seen the character fall off a cliff onto a pile of dynamite which then exploded sending them all tumbling into a vat of acid which was then eaten by a dinosaur space monster who turned into a black hole which got sucked into another universe which subsequently collapsed… but then ten years later the person comes waltzing back into a room with a band-aid over their left eye.

‘I got better,’ he says.

Anyway, turns out I can blame Superman for this.  The fucker.


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