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After Ever After is constantly evolving.  Recently we’ve evolved into an official unofficial semi-occasional magazine.  What does that mean?  Well, if you have a previously published story (100 – 10000 words) or poem which you feel would be a perfect addition to our blog, you may submit your work to aftereverafter3 AT gmail DOT com.  Please include Submission, Genre and Title in the subject line.

Payment and Rights:

If we choose to accept your work, then we will pay you an honorarium of $10 through PayPal (we will not be able to offer payment in any other way) for the non-exclusive right to feature your story or poem on our blog and in our archive for as long as the blog is active. Payment will be on publication or within 30 days of acceptance–whichever is sooner.


Please submit your work in the body of an email.  We will not open attachments.  Please state where the piece was previously published and if it is available online, please include a link.  Also include a short bio which states your previous publication credits (no more than 6).

The reason we are opening to submissions is to create a backlog of material in the event scheduling conflicts prevent us from posting original work.  We will buy work when A) It is excellent and B) When we think it may be needed in the near future.  Response times may vary considerably and for that reason we allow, nay, ENCOURAGE simultaneous submissions. All we ask is that you inform us if it is, or will be a simultaneous submission and if it is accepted elsewhere.

What We Want:

Fiction submissions need not be directly related to whatever apocalyptic theme is currently being explored in the blog (e.g. aliens, robots, zombies, elephants, etc) but should be in some way be related to some strange, dramatic world altering event.  Humor and/or soul crushing darkness preferred.

Poetry, on the other hand, is completely open.  Poems should be of high literary quality and strong speculative content.  You may submit original poetry or reprints. Favorite poets: David Kirby, Robert Hass, Claudia Emerson, Judy Jordan, Rodney Jones


We will try to respond quickly to submissions–but please remember this is not a professional magazine.  We have no editorial staff.  We are only looking for filler fiction and poetry to keep us on a rigorous publishing schedule.  As such we will likely purchase, at most, one or two pieces a month.  You know how everyone says that in order to sell something to a magazine it needs to match the editor’s couch that day?  In this scenario we sometimes don’t even have a couch in the office.

These guidelines are subject to change.

If this little experiment works–it may become a regular feature.  If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll close to submissions.

These Guidelines Were Getting So Long You May Have Missed The Basic Information So I’ll Restate it Here in Bullet Point Format

  • Reprint Fiction
  • Reprint or Original Poetry (no more than 5 poems per email)
  • Text should be in the body of the email.  We will not open attachments
  • Simultaneous and multiple submissions (up to 3 at a time) allowed
  • Send submissions to aftereverafter3 AT gmail DOT com
  • Subject Line should read: Submission (Genre): Title by Author
  • If you haven’t heard from us in more than 4 weeks, please query.
Submission Period: OPEN

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