This morning I looked at our site stats and noticed that two hits could be attributed to google searches for “Abe Newman”.  It should go without saying, but I’ll do it anyway:

All characters, events, thoughts, musings, song lyrics, wanted posters, images, events, tequila sunrise recipes are completely fictional.  Any resemblance to living individuals, dead individuals, synthetic individuals and actaul events is completely coincidental, unintentioned, and heretofore not our fault.

At the moment (3/24/11) the blog has two authors.  The authors retain the copyrights to their respective posts (human guest post authors will retain copyright to their guest post and non-human guest posts will be dealt with when the singularity arrives) as well as applicable trademarks, patents, trade secrets and yet-to-be invented sui generis intellectual property rights.

The authors also reserve the right to ban users and delete comments who/which venture beyond the boundaries of basic courtesy.  We don’t foresee any significantly contraversial posts in our future, but just in case we accidentally step in something radioactive, we will police our comments with an eye to removing vile invective and language unbecoming the internet.  Opposing viewpoints are welcome.  Tantrums are not.  And since it’s our sandbox, we get to kick you out for refusing to play nicely.

Creative Commons License Contribution List:

Photograph: Fireworks – St. Louis by Timothy K. Hamilton (The Cultural Alien Ambassador Anticipates the Fireworks Display of this Once Future Holiday)


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