There is Never Enough Magic

It is a small, not very well kept secret that I am in love with Kevin Brockmeier.  I fell in love with him when he read a story at my school about a man who came into possession of God’s overcoat and the simple prayers that filled the pockets.  If Kevin Brockmeier’s stories were edible, they would taste like thyme and butter and cayenne.  They are an epiphany at midday while feeding the horses.  They sing in four part harmony.

My dream is to write a story which Kevin Brockmeier happens to read by chance in a magazine he never intended to pick up and upon finishing it he leans back in an uncomfortable chair and sighs, “That had some lines I wish I had written.”

If I ever met Kevin Brockmeier in person, I would blush and run in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, I periodically find bits and pieces of him on the internet.  Here is something of his you should read:  Kevin Brockmeier Reveals A Chronological List of Statements People Made to Him at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, 1995-1997


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